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Writers specialized in the casino and poker niche, this is the opportunity for you. PICNOB is an all-in-one casino marketing agency with diverse traffic on its website. 

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If you are skilled at slots, or a master of blackjack strategies, ‘Write For Us Casino’ is your opportunity to contribute to a community that’s as eager to learn as it is to play. 

We have a section “Write for us casino” for which we are accepting the guest posts from all the writers out there. It will help casino websites, and games to enhance the keyword ranking, and legitimacy in the market. There is nothing you need to do beforehand for write for us + casino. Just start writing and send it to us, we will take care of next by our own. 

Share the content on PICNOB mail address with the subject “Write for us + casino”. Do share the casino “write for us” guest post using the contact form for faster response. 

Do prepare a short brief synopsis for your proposed topic of the write up. This will help us to understand the alignment of the content to our strategy. Use the email address for the same. 

Here is all you want to know about the write for us gambling and casino with us. 

Why Contribute Casino Write For Us?

Share Your Knowledge: Whether you’re a professional player, a casino employee, or a gambling enthusiast, your insights can help others solve the complexities of casino games.

Expand Your Reach: Guest posting for casino write for us allows you to tap into established audiences, increasing your visibility and potentially leading to new opportunities. PICNOB is 100% casino and poker community. Here you will boost your connections. 

Boost Your SEO: By contributing to reputable sites, you can secure valuable backlinks to your own blog or website, improving your search engine rankings. Guest articles to write for us + casino for PICNOB can really boost how often your keywords pop up when people search online. 

Engage with Like-Minded Individuals: Connect with fellow casino aficionados, creating a network of peers who share your passion for gaming.

Better Apps & Games Downloads: There is a high chance to make your apps and games downloads better. Promote your apps and casino games here with write for us casino. Showcase your games and apps here with the guest post. 

Write For Us Casino Guidelines 

When you’re ready to submit your write for us + casino guest post, follow these general guidelines to better make your acceptance with us: 

Original Content: Your post must be original and not published elsewhere already.

Word Count: Aim for a word count that provides depth without overwhelming readers—typically between 800 to 1500 words.

Formatting: Use subheadings, bullet points, and short paragraphs to enhance readability.

Proofread: Ensure your article is free of grammatical errors and typos.

Bio: Include a brief author bio with your submission, highlighting your expertise and experience in the casino industry.

Rest, it depends on the context you are bringing the content with. Make sure to connect with the audience and maintain the consistency in the content for smooth reading. Here is how you can do it in more effective manner: 

Make Perfect Casino Write For Us Guest Post

To make your mark in the casino guest posting world, you need to bring your A-game. Here’s how to draft content that resonates with readers and editors alike:

Understand the Audience: Familiarize yourself with the PICNOB site’s existing content and audience. In this manner, you will know what type of content we do publish. Try to write in a similar manner. Understand what type of content readers love to read. What topics have already been covered and what similar topics are there which you can cover? Modify your content to fill gaps and address the interests of the PICNOB’s audience.

Choose Engaging Topics: Popular topics for write for us casino guest posts include game strategies, industry news, casino reviews, betting psychology, and personal gambling stories. However, this is not restricted to just these. You can cover similar topics as well which are not there in the category already. Raise a query if you have some doubts. Find a unique angle or a fresh take on a classic subject to capture readers’ attention with your casino write for us. 

Provide Value: When you write and readers read the content, it should add some value to either their knowledge or lives. Your write for us gambling articles should educate, entertain, or inspire. Include some actionable tips, in-depth analysis, or captivating narratives that give our readers a reason to come back for more. This will also give you a chance to write more. 

Keep It Authentic: Please don’t copy or take it from AI. We value what you bring to the table. Authenticity is key in the casino world and that matters for us. If possible, mention some real experiences and honest opinions which you have. This will boost up the reader’s interest. Transparency builds trust with our audience and establishes you as a reliable source of information. 

Optimize for SEO: Try to mention relevant keywords naturally and not forcefully. Structure your content with headers and bullet points for readability, and include internal and external links to authoritative sources. 

Guest Posts We Accept 

We do cover multiple niches including casino, case study, gambling, PR, betting, reviews, poker, how to guide, bingo, and listings. If you have content that fits in any of them, then do share it. In case, for a new category then do contact us and we will help you with the same. 

  • Casino game reviews and strategies
  • Poker tips, tricks, and tournament coverage
  • Slot machine guides and reviews
  • Gambling industry news and trends
  • Responsible gambling practices
  • Casino travel and destination guides
  • And much more!

How to Submit Casino Guest Posts

Ready to contribute? Please send your article pitches or completed drafts to info@thepicnob.com. Our editorial team will review your submission and get back to you as soon as possible.

Contact Us:

Have questions or need further assistance? Feel free to reach out to us at info@thepicnob.com with any inquiries.

Join us in providing our readers with valuable insights, strategies, and entertainment in the world of casino gaming and gambling. We look forward to collaborating with you!


  1. Who can submit a guest post?

Anyone with a strong understanding of casino games, strategies, and the gambling industry can submit a write for us casino guest post. It doesn’t matter if you’re a seasoned player, a casino professional, or a passionate writer, have something to share in terms of unique insights, we welcome your content.

  1. Are there any guidelines for the guest posts?

Yes, we ask that all submissions be original content, not published elsewhere, and typically between 800 to 1500 words. The content should be well-structured, proofread, and include a brief author bio. Check our submission guidelines for more details.

  1. Will my guest post be edited?

We reserve the right to edit submissions for clarity, grammar, and adherence to our guidelines. However, we aim to maintain the author’s original voice and intent.

  1. How do I submit my guest post?

You can submit your write for us casino guest post by contacting us through our website. Please include your article and a brief bio for review.