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Picuki – See Instagram Content Anonymously and Edit Photos

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We generally like to see a third party’s profile without wanting them to know about it. Earlier, it was difficult to see the profile if Instagram’s user had made it private but now with Picuki, you can do so in a few minutes with no hustle. The Picuki features like Anonymous Instagram Profile Viewer, Instagram Videos Downloader, IGTV Videos Downloader, and many more that I have listed here in this article will amaze you. 

If you are like me who is an all-day Instagram user then this Picuki is all for you. Keep reading. 

What Is Picuki? 

Use Instagram without an Instagram account through Picuki, a website and mobile app. See or download Instagram videos, photographs, or stories without being detected. Picuki’s search engine is for looking up Instagram users, hashtags, and places. Use the built-in picture editor to edit their photos with filters, crop, and zoom, then download the final products. 


Your Instagram handle will not be detected by anyone when you watch or download stories and even when you download a photo, Picuki guarantees total anonymity in this manner. You will only be notified if you search for an individual using their legal name or handle. Try Picuki through an app (Google Play store) or website. 

Features Of Picuki 

1.Anonymous Instagram Profile Viewer

You can view Instagram accounts anonymously with the “Viewer” feature. It leaves no traces and ensures your privacy. You can now browse Instagram accounts anonymously and without restriction with this function.

2. IGTV Videos Downloader

Instagram TV videos are those with a longer duration. The IGTV downloader lets you save videos to watch later, even if you’re too busy to watch them right now. If the original IGTV video gets removed or if you’re ever in an area without internet, you may still watch the videos with this function.

3. Instagram Videos Downloader

Downloading Instagram videos is a breeze, and you can use them for anything you choose. Picuki makes it easy to download videos—whether they’re single clips or whole carousels. You can download any type of video in just 2-3 minutes and now you are good to go. 

4. Instagram Reels Downloader

How can we miss on Instagram Reels that we scroll all day!? With Reels downloader, you may effortlessly save your preferred Reels films to your device like I mentioned above. 

Instagram postings that are labeled “Carousel” or “Album” include a number of images and/or videos. You might think how you can download it all in one-go? Use Picuki to download Instagram carousels if you need to save more than one.

6. Instagram Photos Downloader

If you want to save photos from Instagram posts, try out the Picuki photo downloader feature. With this feature, you can effortlessly download any Instagram photo, be it a single shot or a carousel of images. This can be done in one-go as well. 

How to Use Picuki to View Instagram Stories Anonymously? 

Step 1: Just open the Picuki Viewer first to get started with the search. 

Step 2: Now copy the Instagram username from Instagram and paste it in the username search bar. You will get it on the homepage of Picuki. 

Step 3: Tap on the search button now. You will get a complete Instagram profile of the person and now you can scroll and look for anything you want anonymously. 

Step 4: Tap on the Stories button now. 

Step 5: Whatever story you want to see now, view it. You can download it as well. 

Make The Best Use Of Picuki Now: 

Find more posts to explore by using the search option to look for specific hashtags or locations. Quickly and easily download all of your media files at once by using the “Download All” option. Make use of Instagram’s “Profile” function to see and save user profiles, complete with bios and profile images. To stay out of trouble with the law and protect your privacy, use Picuki in a responsible and ethical manner. Readers might also benefit from visual aids like screenshots or illustrations when following along with a process.

What All Benefits You Will Get With Picuki? 

Picuki saves you time because it removes the need to sign up for Instagram just to see public posts. It becomes easy for users like you to save time and effort by allowing them to search for and download material directly from the website.

Unlike Instagram, Picuki does not limit the amount of posts or downloads that you are allowed to do. Without restrictions, users are free to access an infinite amount of stuff.

Picuki provides an easy-to-understand interface that lets users move around the website with ease. Its user-friendly search feature makes it easy to find certain content.

This is best and ideal for influencers and businesses. Picuki is great for influencers and businesses who want to stay ahead of the competition or discover new partners. Without an Instagram account, they can simply access and download personal details and media.


Picuki does solve our all-day problem, starting from posting on Instagram and watching some person’s profile without wanting them to know about it! All over your anonymity will be maintained with the activities you will be doing on Picuki. Don’t worry about it. 

Edit your photos, post on Instagram, see people’s profiles, and track the progress of the account. Do all at one place in Picuki now.


What is Picuki?

Picuki is a free online tool that allows you to view Instagram content anonymously and edit photos. It is also a powerful Instagram search engine that enables users to browse Instagram profiles, hashtags, and locations. 

How does Picuki ensure anonymity?

Picuki does not require users to log in, and it does not store any personal information. It generates a unique temporary account for each user, no one can track your activities. 

Can I download Instagram photos and videos using Picuki?

Picuki allows you to download Instagram photos, videos, and stories anonymously. 

Is it possible to edit Instagram photos using Picuki?

Yes, Picuki provides a built-in photo editor that allows you to enhance and customize Instagram photos before downloading them. 

Can I search for Instagram profiles, hashtags, and locations using Picuki?

You will get exclusive access to the comprehensive search engine for exploring Instagram profiles, hashtags, and locations. 

Is Picuki available on mobile devices?

Yes, Picuki is available as a mobile app in the Google Play Store, making it accessible on Android devices. 

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