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Pokémon Natures

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Pokémon Natures :- In the vibrant world of Pokémon, each creature possesses a unique nature, a defining trait that influences its growth and development. These natures, akin to personalities, bestow both blessings and challenges upon Pokémon, shaping their journey to greatness.

A Pokémon’s nature impacts the growth of two of its stats, with one stat receiving a 10% boost in growth over time, while another experiences a 10% decrease. This delicate balance ensures that each Pokémon’s strengths and weaknesses are finely tuned, adding depth to battles and strategy.

However, there exists a neutral nature, untouched by the ebb and flow of growth. This neutral disposition bestows neither boon nor burden upon a Pokémon’s stats, allowing for a balanced approach to training and development.

It’s important to note that a Pokémon’s nature does not affect the growth of its HP. Instead, it influences the growth of every other stat, adding an extra layer of complexity to the art of Pokémon training and strategy. So, choose your Pokémon’s nature wisely, for it may hold the key to unlocking its full potential on the path to becoming a Pokémon master.

Welcome everyone to the Nature and Ability Guidebook for all Pokemon!

Prepare to embark on a comprehensive journey through the world of Pokémon, as we delve into the intricacies of natures and abilities to aid both newbies and seasoned trainers alike. This guide, meticulously crafted from personal knowledge and minimal research, aims to shed light on the often-overlooked Pokémon and provide valuable insights into their potential.

Purposeful Expansion:

While some Pokémon may languish in obscurity, deemed “meme” status for their perceived lack of viability, this guide seeks to rectify the dearth of information surrounding them. From the enigmatic Furfrou to the mysterious Unown and the diminutive Dedenne, no Pokémon shall be left behind as we strive to illuminate their strengths and potential roles.

A Beacon of Knowledge:

Comprising the largest single post ever conceived in PRO forums, this guide stands as a testament to dedication and expertise. Though it may require refinement and updates in the future, it serves as a comprehensive resource for trainers seeking guidance on story progression, PvE encounters, and even PvP strategies.

Guiding Principles:

Central to this guide is the meticulous curation of the best natures and abilities for each Pokémon, ensuring optimal performance in various contexts. From preferred choices for PvP battles to viable options for story progression and boss encounters, every recommendation is carefully considered to empower trainers on their journey.

Comprehensive Coverage:

Spanning from the earliest generations to the latest releases, this guide leaves no Pokémon behind. Whether it’s a legendary creature or a humble spawnable Pokémon, each entry receives thorough attention to detail, with the best natures and abilities highlighted for maximum effectiveness.

Empowering Choice:

While certain natures and abilities may seem unconventional, they are included to provide options for trainers exploring alternative strategies or seeking unique gameplay experiences. With thoughtful consideration, even subpar combinations can find a place in the journey of a dedicated trainer.

A Roadmap for the Future:

As this guide evolves alongside the Pokémon universe, future plans include in-depth walkthroughs for each region and additional miscellaneous guides. With a commitment to excellence and a passion for sharing knowledge, this guide aims to empower trainers of all levels to achieve their full potential in the world of Pokémon.

Embark on your journey with confidence, armed with the knowledge and insights contained within this guide. From the most obscure Pokémon to the legendary titans, every creature has its place in the grand tapestry of Pokémon adventures.

Defining Characteristics of Nature Pokémon

Nature Pokémon epitomize the wonders of the natural world, boasting characteristics that distinguish them as guardians and embodiments of the environment:

In Harmony with Nature:

Thriving amidst verdant forests, tranquil lakes, and untouched wilderness, Nature Pokémon epitomize symbiosis with their surroundings. Their presence evokes a sense of tranquility and balance, reflecting their innate connection to the natural world.

Guardians of Ecosystems:

Many Nature Pokémon assume the noble role of protectors, diligently safeguarding their habitats and the diverse life forms within them. Acting as stewards of biodiversity, they maintain the delicate balance of ecosystems, ensuring the flourishing of flora and fauna alike.

Reflecting Natural Elements:

From their physical appearance to their abilities and behaviors, Nature Pokémon mirror the elements of their environment with stunning accuracy. Whether adorned with leafy adornments or boasting powers reminiscent of natural phenomena, these creatures embody the essence of their habitats.

Connection to Weather and Seasons:

Some Nature Pokémon are intricately linked to the ever-changing tapestry of weather patterns and seasonal cycles. They may undergo transformations or exhibit heightened abilities in response to specific weather conditions or seasonal shifts, attesting to their profound connection to the natural rhythms of the world.


In essence, Nature Pokémon serve as emissaries of the natural world, reminding us of the beauty, diversity, and interconnectedness of life on our planet. Through their presence, they inspire reverence for the environment and foster a deeper appreciation for the wonders of nature.

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