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How To Upgrade Summons Elden Ring

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How To Upgrade Summons Elden Ring:- In the vast expanse of Elden Ring, players can enhance their spirit summons through a process facilitated by the enigmatic Roderika, an NPC encountered early on in their journey. Nestled within the confines of a weathered edifice along the road from Limgrave to Stormveil Castle, Roderika awaits, her presence heralding a pivotal opportunity for players seeking to bolster their arsenal.

Upon engaging Roderika in conversation and delving into the depths of her discourse, players will find themselves tasked with a formidable quest: the acquisition of the Chrysalid’s Memento. This elusive artifact lies within the ominous confines of Stormveil Castle, amidst a grim tableau of carnage and chaos. Retrieving it demands courage and skill, for lurking within are dangers aplenty, including the formidable Grafted Scion mini-boss.

Should players emerge victorious, bearing the coveted Chrysalid’s Memento, Roderika’s journey progresses. Transcending the boundaries of her initial abode, she relocates to the esteemed Roundtable Hold, where a new chapter in her tale unfolds. Here, players are drawn into a modest questline involving Roderika and the enigmatic Hewg, culminating in the establishment of Roderika’s spirit tuning station.

With the station operational, players gain access to a transformative capability akin to the enhancement of weapons. Roderika stands ready to infuse spirit summons with newfound power, provided players furnish her with the requisite materials: Grave Glovewort or Ghost Glovewort, depending on the nature of the Spirit Ash. These elusive ingredients can be unearthed within the shadowy recesses of catacombs, caves, and graveyards, awaiting the intrepid hands of those bold enough to seek them out.

Thus, through the auspices of Roderika and her arcane expertise, players unlock the potential to ascend to greater heights of power, forging a path illuminated by the radiant glow of enhanced spirit summons in the world of Elden Ring.

How to use spirit summons in Elden Ring

How To Upgrade Summons Elden Ring To harness the formidable power of spirit summons in Elden Ring, players must first navigate a series of steps, which, while seemingly daunting, can be accomplished with relative ease, even in the nascent stages of their journey. Here’s a succinct guide to embarking on this mystical odyssey:

  1. Forge an Accord with Melina: The journey commences with a fateful encounter with Melina, wherein players must acquiesce to her accord, setting the wheels of destiny in motion.
  2. Seek Guidance from Renna: With Melina’s pact sealed, players must make their way to the hallowed halls of the Church of Elleh and seek out the sage counsel of Renna the Witch. It is here that the key to unlocking the power of spirit summons lies.
  3. Claim the Spirit Summoning Bell: In a momentous exchange, Renna bestows upon the player the coveted Spirit Summoning Bell, a talisman imbued with ancient magic. Alongside this precious artifact, players are entrusted with the Lone Wolves Spirit Ash, a potent catalyst for summoning.
  4. Channel the Spirit Ash: Armed with the Spirit Summoning Bell and Lone Wolves Spirit Ash, players are poised to invoke the aid of ethereal allies. By wielding the Spirit Ash in suitable locales, players may beckon forth spectral companions to aid them in battle.
  5. Utilize Spirit Summons: With the necessary tools at their disposal, players may now seamlessly integrate spirit summons into their arsenal. By assigning the Spirit Ash to their hotbar and activating it at opportune moments, players can unleash the might of their spectral allies with a mere keystroke.
  6. Choose the Battlefield Wisely: While spirit summons can be unleashed in the heat of battle against formidable foes, their efficacy is confined to specific areas within the overworld. Players must navigate the terrain with care, seeking out locations teeming with adversaries where their summoned allies may thrive.
  7. Heed the Limitations: It is crucial for players to bear in mind the limitations of spirit summons. Once summoned, these spectral entities will remain active only within designated areas populated by enemies. Venturing beyond these bounds or entering a boss encounter will see their ephemeral allies vanish into the ether.
  8. Rest and Regroup: Following the exertions of battle, players must take respite at a site of grace to replenish their strength and commune with the spirits anew. Only then may they summon forth their spectral allies once more, ready to face the challenges that lie ahead.

In essence, the path to mastering spirit summons in Elden Ring is one fraught with peril and mystery, yet with steadfast resolve and a keen understanding of the arcane arts, players may harness the boundless power of these otherworldly allies to conquer the trials that await them.

How to get Roderika to Roundtable Hold

How To Upgrade Summons Elden Ring In the sprawling depths of Stormveil Castle, amid its labyrinthine halls and treacherous corridors, lies a hidden treasure coveted by seekers of arcane knowledge: the elusive Chrysalids’ Memento. To claim this invaluable artifact, players must navigate the perilous environs of the castle, braving its dangers and overcoming its guardians.

Located just off the beaten path, near a bridge adorned with the grim visage of a suspended troll, players will encounter a grisly tableau beneath. Amidst a throng of hostile canines and a macabre pile of bodies, the Chrysalids’ Memento gleams tantalizingly, awaiting the touch of a daring adventurer’s hand. However, caution is advised, for the ferocious hounds will not yield without a fight. Players must employ cunning tactics and ranged prowess to dispatch these formidable foes before descending to claim their prize.

Once in possession of the Chrysalids’ Memento, players must seek out the enigmatic Roderika and present her with this coveted relic. Through diligent dialogue and unwavering resolve, players will be rewarded with a Golden Seed, a token of Roderika’s gratitude and a harbinger of greater endeavors to come.

With the Chrysalids’ Memento in hand and Roderika’s blessings secured, players will witness the culmination of their efforts as Roderika makes her fateful journey to Roundtable Hold. Here, amidst the hallowed halls of this esteemed sanctuary, Roderika shall realize her destiny as a Spirit Tuner, channeling the mystical energies of the cosmos to unlock untold secrets and empower those who dare to seek her guidance.

Yet, amid the triumph of this pivotal moment, whispers of uncertainty linger in the air. Reports abound of Roderika’s departure for Roundtable Hold, unbidden and without the customary exchange of the Chrysalids’ Memento. Whether this is a mere anomaly or a portent of greater mysteries remains to be seen. Nonetheless, intrepid adventurers would do well to remain vigilant, for in the world of Elden Ring, truth often lies shrouded in shadow, waiting to be unveiled by those bold enough to seek it.

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