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Roamler Reviews

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Roamler Reviews:- Absolutely! Seeking additional income streams is a priority for me, especially with a growing family. That’s why I’m constantly exploring opportunities to earn extra money, and I’ve found mobile apps to be incredibly convenient for this purpose. Whether I’m at home or on the go, I can easily engage with various money-making apps.

Roamler Reviews

Roamler Reviews? I’ve had varying levels of success with mystery shopping sites in the past. On some occasions, I’ve landed fantastic gigs that earned me a substantial £50 just from a few phone calls. However, there have been instances where the jobs were less rewarding, like receiving only £10 after spending £20 on dinner. While it’s nice to save money on a meal, it’s crucial to ensure that the earnings outweigh the expenses.

Recently, I decided to give Roamler a try. It’s a mystery shopping company that operates entirely through a mobile app, making it accessible to almost anyone with a smartphone. This mobile-centric approach fits perfectly with my lifestyle, allowing me to seamlessly integrate mystery shopping tasks into my daily routine.

What is Roamler?

Roamler serves as a valuable ally to partner companies, ensuring that their products maintain visibility and availability across various establishments such as supermarkets, stores, bars, and restaurants.

Through Roamler, users are tasked with completing a range of activities including filling out brief questionnaires, capturing photos, acting as mystery shoppers, and more.

In essence, Roamler operates as a gig economy app, rewarding users for successfully completing these tasks.

Curious about the earning potential within this mobile platform? Let’s delve into the various opportunities it presents, allowing you to determine if Roamler aligns with your income-generating goals.


In June 2011, Dutch entrepreneurs Wiggert de Haan and Martijn Nijhuis introduced a groundbreaking mobile app designed to streamline operations for both merchants and consumers.

Their strategy involves strategic partnerships with a diverse array of establishments, laying the foundation for expansive operations.

Roamler harnesses the collective power of its workforce, including individuals like yourself, to efficiently execute a wide range of business and skill-oriented tasks. In return for completing these tasks, participants earn monetary compensation. This symbiotic relationship benefits both Roamler’s partners, who gain valuable insights to enhance their offerings, and consumers, who can monetize their efforts – a true win-win scenario.

Participants accumulate points through task completion, which can then be converted into tangible cash rewards, available for withdrawal at their convenience. This innovative app operates on a tripartite model, positioning Roamler as the intermediary facilitating mutually beneficial interactions.

In essence, Roamler acts as the conduit between partner establishments and task performers, seamlessly connecting them through a platform that not only empowers individuals to earn but also supports businesses in optimizing their operations and offerings.

How does Roamler work?

Roamler Reviews? Similar to other mystery shopping platforms, Roamler provides detailed instructions and guidance on task completion to ensure clarity and accuracy. Users are required to undergo a short assessment following the explanation to confirm their understanding, which is typically straightforward and uncomplicated.

To gain access to paid tasks, you’ll need to complete a single mystery shop, a quick and brief assignment that usually takes just a few minutes.

Once you’re set up, the Roamler app offers four main sections:

  • Mystery: Complete mystery shopping tasks and earn cash rewards along with XP points.
  • Online Reviews: Purchase a designated item either online or in-store and submit a review online. This task rewards you with cash, XP, and reimbursement for the purchased product.
  • Experience: Answer basic profile questions to enhance your profile. While these tasks are unpaid, they contribute to earning XP.
  • Training: These modules prepare you for other tasks but are also unpaid, offering XP instead.

By understanding the structure and opportunities within the Roamler app, you can effectively engage with its various tasks and determine if it aligns with your preferences and goals for earning extra income.

How do you get paid?

Roamler Reviews? For every successfully completed task approved by Roamler, you’ll earn a designated amount of money along with valuable experience points.

When it comes to accessing your earnings, you have the flexibility to withdraw them at any time via PayPal, which I find to be a convenient option.

It’s important to note that each withdrawal incurs a fee; however, if you cash out with over £20 in your account, Roamler covers the transaction fee for you.

The maximum withdrawal limit per transaction is £50.

For withdrawals of £20 or less, a transaction fee of 2% is charged. Keep this in mind when deciding to withdraw your earnings to optimize your payouts.

As for the experience points, they play a crucial role in leveling up your account. As your account level increases, you’ll unlock access to more lucrative paid tasks, offering you additional earning opportunities.

Furthermore, as you progress through account levels, you’ll receive invitation codes, which I’ll discuss their purpose later.

If you’re interested in exploring other platforms that also offer PayPal payments, I recommend checking out the top survey sites that facilitate payments via PayPal for further income-generating opportunities.

Can you use it on mobile?

Roamler Reviews? Indeed, Roamler is exclusively designed for use on mobile devices, making it essential to download and install the mobile app on your device. The Roamler app is readily available for both Android and iOS platforms, ensuring compatibility for the vast majority of users.

It’s imperative to ensure that your mobile device is connected to the internet since logging into the app necessitates an active internet connection.

In my view, the mobile-centric nature of Roamler enhances its appeal as an earning option. With the flexibility to engage with tasks anytime and anywhere, users have the freedom to earn at their convenience, making it a highly attractive opportunity for those seeking to supplement their income.

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